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Backwoods Grind Branding


Excited about finally dripping out the logo I created for a new company that provides coffee for the hunting and outdoors market. 

They came to me with an exciting idea that had been percolating in their brains for a while, but they were wrestling with the name. I’ve had the opportunity to name products and brands in the past-including renaming 100-year-old companies, so I jumped into action. My son who loves hunting and the outdoors was near so we starting riffing on names. 

One of my mentors once said “A good name is a great name”

After filtering through the options, the name that perked the client’s interest was “Backwoods Grind Coffee Company.” 

Once we had some foundational brand strategy down it was time to begin designing the logo. 

The look I went for was something that would look great on a coffee bag, coffee mug and a patch on a hunter ballcap. The color palette was earthy with a touch of hunter’s orange. Overall a great looking shield that would look great anywhere!

When we reached out to Paul we knew we would be getting an awesome logo for our new business. What we didn’t realize is that we would be getting that and a whole lot more. He not only designed an incredible logo for our brand but he brought an immense knowledge of branding to the table. He is a logo designer and business/brand consultant all in one. After a few strategy sessions with Paul we changed the name of our start-up and it turned out to be the best decision for our business! We feel there is no other way to start a business than with having complete confidence in your brand and Paul delivered a branding package that gave us that confidence. 


Zack Kile
Backwoods Grind Coffee Company