Mentoring for Leaders

As a leader, you’ve worked hard to get where to get to where you’re at. You take action, lead teams and run meetings. You believe in personal growth so you can serve your clients and lead your team effectively. That’s where I come in. As a Creative Mentor, I help you think creatively and in new and fresh ways, even if you’ve never considered yourself creative. Through one-on-one coaching, we deal with real work scenarios and also give you the toolbox you need to take your leadership to the next level.

You’ll be equipped to:

  • Lead breakthrough meetings with little to no prep
  • Solve problems faster
  • Come up with creative ideas by yourself or with a team
  • Be able to pivot and innovate to become a leader in your space

Mentoring for Creatives

If I could show you how to get unstuck, create your best work ever, faster than ever so that you can produce high-quality work more regularly.

Would you take me up on that offer?

In my experience, many creatives, whether in the music, art, writing or even content creating in entrepreneurial spaces struggle to produce high-quality work regularly.

Sometimes it’s fear of the “blank canvas” and making that first mark or taking the first step

And sometimes procrastination cripples your potential

And it tends to have an impact on Everything – your self-worth, your income, and your overall lifestyle.

Whatever it is, I believe helping you as a creative get unstuck, unleash your genius and start producing your best work, will give you a greater sense of accomplishment, help you work your craft and craft your work, and ultimately create more profits so you can do what you love without the fear of becoming a “starving artist” or live with the regret of having a “what if…?” in the back of your mind gnawing at you.

I’m considering putting together a small mastermind group of creators and content producers that’ll help you with multiple important things:

  • Accountability: What if you had the accountability you needed to be constantly moving forward and creating more high-quality work?
  • Frameworks: Our Headsmack framework uses the 9 proven catalysts that’ll get ANYONE unstuck and moving forward with high-quality new ideas.
  • Anti-Procrastination: What if you didn’t procrastinate anymore?  What if you were consistently putting out new material and confidently taking the bold steps you know you need to make?
  • Alpha & Omega: A practical process to push you through starting AND FINISHING meaningful work
  • Fan & Fire: Someone committed passionately to be a fan in your corner and believed in you, but also be there to light a fire under you to hold you accountable to show up in the world as your highest self?

What if someone joined you on the journey to help you crash through the creative blocks and get unstuck?

Would you take me up on that offer?

I’m looking for 5 people only who want to join us on this creative journey.

My most recent client, Joseph, for example, went from almost giving up entirely on his dream of teaching English to international students, to launching his online school to not only students, but we expanded his vision to include helping Foreign executives be better prepared for the international marketplace. Through carefully planned out action steps we went from dormant dream to launch in 6 weeks.

Then there’s Aaron, a young illustrator, an artist who had a great idea that lived in a sketchbook and just needed someone to come alongside him, push him and help him reignite his passion. Within a few weeks, he was fired up and back to story writing and illustrating his graphic novel with a greater sense of direction and vision.

Let me also tell you about John, after one transformative conversation he had the push he needed to launch the music school he had dreamed about and never pursued. Now he and his wife have a thriving school teaching young musicians and fulfilling their purpose.

Are you next?

How to get started

  • Click on the link to schedule your free mini-session.
  • Jump on a 30-minute call with me.
  • On the call, I will give you some tips and techniques to start using right away.
  • I will give you more information about the ongoing programs we have available so you can start living your best life on your terms.